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MV Climate Action Week

What can you do to make a positive difference? Take part in MV Climate Action Week! 

A full schedule of events is planned throughout the Island all week long, from aquaculture, Coast Guard and farm tours, films, exhibitions, and informational events to a climate action concert at the Ritz. 

A finale event Saturday, May 14 at the Grange will include an electric vehicle parade, music - including a song written and performed by Molly Conole (with Mark Lovewell) just for the occasion! - food, student talks, children’s activities, lots of climate action information and a presentation on the MV Climate Action Plan.

When it comes to CLIMATE ACTION it’s all hands on deck.

Local climate change impacts include sea level rise, more flooding and stronger storms, plus hotter weather, more rain, and also more drought. All these impacts are affecting our health and well-being, the natural world, the built environment, and the Island economy. 

To become a climate change resilient community, it’s up to each of us to make informed decisions and take positive action. 

Climate Action Week Events

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Climate Action Week is a community engagement project organized as a part of the MV Climate Action Plan being developed by the Martha’s Vineyard Commission. 

Climate Action Plan

What Are We Doing?

The Vineyard Way is a community-based project that will identify actions to build the Islands’ social, environmental, and economic resilience to the impacts of climate change. It will include actions to minimize our contributions to the cause of climate change: greenhouse gas emissions. The planning process builds on the towns’ Community Resilience Building workshops that were completed through the MA Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) program. Funding for the plan comes from the MVP program, through the Martha’s Vineyard Commission and lead town Oak Bluffs. 

The CAP has three primary objectives: 

Identify long term (e.g., 2030-2040) goals that will build Island-wide climate resilience for six key thematic areas

 Prioritize 5-10 year Island-wide objectives and associated actions and/or policies needed to build climate resilience for key thematic areas

 Determine measures of success to support on-going tracking and communication of progress towards goals over time

Climate Action Plan

Why Are We Doing It?

As an Island community we face a unique combination of climate-related challenges. These include sea level rise, stronger storms with higher storm surge, and higher temperatures that will affect our health and safety, natural resources, transportation, infrastructure, and largely seasonal, visitor-based economy. By proactively preparing for the impacts we will be better able to live and work now and as the impacts grow more serious. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions will make us more self-sufficient, save money, protect our health and environment, and create new job opportunities.

Climate Action Plan

The Team

The planning team is led by the Martha's Vineyard Commission and comprised of a Steering Committee and six Thematic Working Groups. A seventh thematic working groups is focused on developing a Town of Gosnold Climate Action Plan and working in close collaboration with the Vineyard team. The Steering Committee's role is to coordinate between the regional planning effort and their community and to help guide decision-making. The Committee is made up of one representative from each town, a Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head (Aquinnah) community liaison, a Brazilian community liaison, a NCAAP representative, a County representative, and a liaison from the Town of Gosnold and each of the six Thematic Working Groups. The Thematic Working Groups develop the goals, objectives, actions, and measures of the success for the CAP and support broader community engagement. They are made up of Town representatives, Tribal members, students, local organizations, and private businesses.

Climate Action Plan

Martha's Vineyard Commission

The CAP process is being coordinated and facilitated by the Martha's Vineyard Commission, the regional planning agency for Dukes County, MA.  MVC climate action is guided by its Climate Action Task Force and two subcommittees, the Energy Working Group and Climate Resilience Committee.  These groups focus on both adaptation (preparing for climate change impacts to the island) and mitigation (reducing the islands greenhouse gas emissions).

 Marthas Vineyard Commission Climate Resilience Logo

Climate Action Plan

Plan Themes

The Vineyard Way is focused on six interconnected thematic areas. Working groups for each theme are made up of residents with knowledge and experience in the thematic area who will draft plan components (i.e., goals, actions, etc.). The Vineyard team is working closely with the Gosnold group to share information, experience, and to look for areas of collaboration. Public engagement is a major component of the planning process and there are ongoing opportunities for the public to be involved.

Climate Action Plan


The Thematic Working Groups are meeting now to craft the goals, strategies, and actions, and to design implementation plans that will make up the plan. There will also be opportunities for the public to get involved in the process. See the “How You Can Help” section below.

Climate Action Plan

Building A Foundation

This planning process builds off the previous work completed by each Vineyard town and Gosnold. Beginning in 2018 each town engaged in MVP Community Resilience Building workshops to identify key vulnerabilities. Most towns have created energy/climate committees. All towns are engaged in the MA Green Communities Program, which assists towns in reducing their carbon footprints. All towns, the Tribe, the Martha’s Vineyard Commission, and many local organizations have received funding to address climate change resiliency.

Climate Action Plan

Climate Action Fund

The Climate Action Fund was established by the Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation in collaboration with the Martha’s Vineyard Commission to fund projects identified by an advisory board to address climate change adaptation. The Vineyard Way and other local climate change planning documents guide use of the funds.

Tax deductible donations can be made to the MV Community Fund (note Climate Action Fund), PO Box 243, West Tisbury, MA 02575 or online at

Climate Action Plan

How You Can Help

The Vineyard Way is a community-based initiative, and your voice is important. Get involved!

All events and community engagement activities are posted and on the Island Climate Action Network website.

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