Land Use, Natural Resources, and Biodiversity

Choose native plants and trees; they are easier to care for, increase biodiversity, and absorb storm and rainwater.
Read The Island Blue Pages, A Guide to Protecting Martha’s Vineyard Waters
Reduce your lawn size to native plants.

Infrastructure, Transportation, and Waste

Drive less, and walk, bike, or take public transportation instead.
Reduce the size of hard surfaces like driveways and patios by using stones or shells that absorb storm and rainwater.
Reduce the amount of waste you produce. Buy less stuff; reuse, repair, and share items to reduce waste transport on and off-Island; and compost food scraps.
Shop locally instead of importing more items from off-Island.
Sign in front of a large pile of finished compost.

Public Health and Safety

Sign up for CodeRED online to receive emergency notifications.
Create an emergency kit to be prepared for extreme events.
Know the signs of heat stress and heat stroke and drink plenty of water when working or recreating outside.
Ambulance driving down the street.

Economic Resilience

Support local businesses where possible.
If you're a business owner, learn how climate change can impact your business and plan for these changes.
Complete an energy assessment at your business to identify ways to conserve energy and save money!
Get incentives to replace equipment and systems in your business with energy efficient ones.
Four people in helmets and lifejackets float in shallow water during a safety training exersize.

Photo credit MV Center for Education and Training

Food Security

Keep an emergency kit in your house with shelf-stable food for at least three days for all of those in your household.
Volunteer or donate to support Island food security.
Volunteer to support the Island Grown Gleaning program
Young man in hat picks an ear of corn in a farm field.

Energy Transformation

Start your energy efficiency process with a FREE home energy assessment from Cape Light Compact!
Take advantage of energy efficiency offering for renters and landlords.
Get assessments, rebates, and incentives to make your business more energy efficient.
Support local clean energy with Cape Light Compact Local Green Option.
Is an electric vehicle right for you? See Vineyard Power's guide to EVs.
Solar panels provide shade for a parking lot.