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 Massachusetts’ first climate chief, Northeastern graduate plans to make the state a model for reducing carbon emissions

New climate chief talks about her job and how Massachusetts will serve as a climate model for the rest of the country.

Cynthia McCormick Hibbert - 03-15-2023


State Launches Northeast Emergency Management Training

State Launches Northeast Emergency Management Training - 03-15-2023


Planet-saving wind farms fall victim to global inflation fight

A sector that should be growing saw the lowest investment in a decade.

MoneyWeb - 03-15-2023


New England states unite to build new offshore wind HVDC transmission, seek DOE funding

Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, and Rhode Island – recently proposed to build up to three new transmission lines

Joshua Rosen - 03-15-2023


Going green, literally: introducing the bill that would bring more trees to the cities of Massachusetts

The term “urban forest” may sound like an oxymoron, but it actually might be the key to mitigating climate change.

Taylor Brokesh - 03-15-2023


Prioritizing Climate Resilience in United States Fisheries

The impacts of climate change are already apparent in U. S. offshore waters, creating challenges for fisheries

Reggie Paros - 02-28-2023


Federal Transportation Funds Transform Local Communities

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law offers an unprecedented opportunity to leverage transportation infrastructure

Catherine Nagel - 02-28-2023

Paramedics help a patient into an ambulance during a heat wave in Barcelona, Spain news

Extreme Heat is a Health Crisis, Scientists Warn. And Climate Change Is Making It Worse

“The climate is changing, and we are not adapted to be able to deal with it from a health perspective" an expert warned....

Isabella O'Malley - 02-28-2023


A Looming El Niño Could Give Us a Preview of Life at 1.5C of Warming

The hotter weather pattern might push the Earth into unprecedented territory next year.

Kate Yoder - 02-28-2023