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Offshore wind turbines news

To better address the climate crisis, the US must reform its permitting process

It can take a decade to permit and build offshore wind, clean transportation, and major electric transmission.

Chris Murphy and Brad Campbell - 11-21-2022

Fossil fuel production and powerlines news

Who Were the Worst Climate Polluters in the US in 2021?

U.S. greenhouse gas emissions climbed by 4.1 percent from major industrial sources in 2021 according to the EPA.

Phil McKenna - 11-21-2022

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More than 30 climate activists behind bars in UK during Cop27

More than 30 climate activists were behind bars in UK prisons during COP27.

Damien Gayle - 11-21-2022

An airplane flies over a COP27 banner news

5 ways to turn climate talk into action

COP27 was all about implementation. Here’s how to make that happen—and it starts at the local level.

Zung Nguyen Vu - 11-21-2022

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Get that mattress off the curb! Here's what to know about Massachusetts' new waste bans

Helping cut down on the garbage we send to incinerators and landfills.

Barbara Moran - 11-14-2022

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Journalist David Wallace-Wells on climate change and climate hope

The picture is grim, but some climate scientists say they’re encouraged by progress the world has made.

Stefano Kotsonis - 11-14-2022

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How pavement can help cool overheated cities, even in chilly Mass.

These strategies will help slow global warming and cool cities.

Martha Bebinger - 11-14-2022

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Science Day at COP27 Shows That Climate Talks Aren’t Keeping Pace With Planetary Physics

A new report warns that the “myth of adaptation” is putting millions of people at risk.

Bob Berwyn - 11-14-2022

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New EPA Proposal to Augment Methane Regulations Would Help Achieve an 87% Reduction From the Oil and Gas Industry by 2030

Steep reductions methane emissions are among the most important steps for slowing climate change in the short term.

Phil McKenna - 11-14-2022